Art Events for Corporate Groups & Private Parties

With contagious enthusiasm and mastery of skills as a professional artist and educator for 30 years, Hillary Parker offers engaging and educational art events to corporate groups and private parties around the country. Whether it’s an intimate family reunion, birthdays, weddings, holiday parties, singles groups, gallery events, cocktail parties, or a large corporate group of 100+ spouses during a conference/summit/annual meeting, her events adapt easily to a variety of venues such as hotels/resorts, private country/yacht clubs, wineries, museums, art galleries, botanical gardens, and private homes.

Working with event managers, meeting planners, conference services, social directors, and private hosts, she customizes a unique art event for each client, that is ideal for connecting and uniting people, while inspiring creativity. The result is a lively, sophisticated art experience that is both fun and educational.

Wine and Watercolors

This popular event is an ideal combination of creativity and networking, with no previous art experience necessary! For those closet artists wanting a little “liquid courage” to pick up a paint brush, this event offers a relaxing and social way to have fun learning the basics to creating easy and successful watercolor paintings, while offering ideal opportunities for networking and socializing in small or large groups. 

Wine and Watercolors
Private Art Party

Available Classes

  1. 1
    Wine and Watercolors
  2. 2
    Monet's Morning Mimosas
  3. 3
    Garden Sketching
  4. 4
    ABC’s of Drawing
  5. 5
    Engaging the Right side of Your Brain
  6. 6
    Customized Classes Available

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